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3 definitions by Tim-Tim_Da_Lax_bro

Mexican slang term for sex.

Source: An Actual Mexican
Guy: * Sees hot babe* " Hey baby! Chaca chaca? "
by Tim-Tim_Da_Lax_Bro December 01, 2013
It is the land of the Legedary Tim-Tims. They are the ultimate lax bros and they march the best instrument there is, the alto saxaphone, but mostly it is a place where people go when they are high.
Guy 1: " Bro I went to Tim-Tim land last night! "
Guy 2: " wicked bro! "
by Tim-Tim_Da_Lax_Bro December 01, 2013
A sexy, hot girl. Usually a blonde, nice body, and the whitest girl you will ever know.
Guy 1: " Bro did you see Sara!? "
Guy 2: " Ya man! She is such a Z Diggy! "
by Tim-Tim_Da_Lax_Bro November 30, 2013