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trying to get yourself out of a tricky or bad situation while in your car/bike (like the hood or anywhere out in the cuts).
Involves a bit of maneuvering and navigating.

(Ya heard it first, here. -T.A.)
I got lost trying to find the waffle spot and ended up having to maneuvigate through the hood, around big pot holes and past crackheads who tried to wash my windows.

No one can maneuvigate around the City like me--I know how to avoid the traffic, double-parked cars, bikers and slow-moving tourists.
by Tim-Ass September 09, 2004
Stands for "For Your Ass(es)/Fo' Yo' Ass(es)," but basically means "for yourself/yourselves." It's a way to call attention to--or remind someone of--something.

F.y.a. is my own play off of corporate-speak's "f.y.i" (for your information).

I thought the thought (and act) of fresh grads/entry-level co-workers plugging "f.y.i." into their communication as much as possible in order to feel important and part of the corporate world is funny. (F.y.a., I did it, too, for a minute.)
Every day use:
"F.y.a., make sure to bring back some <food> from <restaurant>. And hurry. I'm hungrier than a moph!"

Note/message use:
"F.y.a. to all the biters, don't forget when and where this phrase came from. For everyone else, enjoy. Tim-Ass."

Casual office use:
"F.y.a., Lumberg's meeting with the client got cancelled. So we probably won't need those TPS reports by E.O.D. anymore."
by Tim-Ass August 09, 2004

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