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Hentai is animated pornography showcasing women who have better bodies than any real women (yet have weird hairstyles and hair-colours) and men with enormous penises.

Every character in a hentai has body features several times better than any real person. 13 year old boys with 12 inch erections. 8 year old school girls with breasts better than most 16 year olds. The thinner the woman, the bigger the breasts.

Female children in hentai don't always have breasts, but sometimes they do to add sexuality into the hentai. Children do not have spectacularly large breasts, but they can be nice ones.

As for women, their is no such thing as a flat-chested no-breasted woman - at least in professional hentai anyway. Their breasts are perfect and natural - not tainted by surgery with scars and abnormalness. They are perfect. Hentai is perfection.

As for elderly women, they do not exist. In hentai, they do not get naked. They are characters that are basically asexual to the hentai nature. Thank god.

Hentai can involve anything sexual. Lesbians, bisexuals, homosexuals, bondage, underwater, fairies, humans and animals, orgies, oral sex, aural sex, anal sex, naisal sex, S&M, slavery, dildos, strap-ons, anal toys and of course heterosexual vaginal sex. Hentai isn't always sexual penetration with a group or pair of people. It can be a woman/man/tranny posing or masturbating. It could be a group kissing or undressing or fondling each other.

Hentai has no limits. That is why it is so great. I have nothing against real pornography, I enjoy it also. But hentai is perfect. Normal pornography is not. Hentai is beautiful.
Hentai is forever.
by Tim XYZ September 27, 2003
A cat soaked in water.
My pussy got wet in the rain! Gotta dry her fur!
by Tim XYZ October 26, 2003
Something Mario says on some Super Mario Go-Fish game on the PC. Makes me laugh *shrug*
Some might say he his fishing for some stereotypical Italian men.
by Tim XYZ November 02, 2003
A mouse that you haven't given a name to yet.
A: Here's my pet mouse.
B: Aww, cute. What's its name?
A: Dunno yet.
B: Ah, an anonymouse.
by Tim XYZ November 09, 2003
The cheat in The Sims that gives you $1000-2000 each time you use it. Add several ;'s to the end of it and hold enter to get heaps of cash.
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + C = Cheat Box.
Enter "rosebud;;;;;;;;" into Cheat Box.
by Tim XYZ September 29, 2003
Answer to any problem you may encounter in your journey through life.
A: Damn, I got a shitload of homework
B: Make your mom do it.

A: Can you please pick up after yourself?
B: Make your mom do it.

A: We have a shipment of anthrax that needs to be sent to Iraq by tomorrow.
B: Make your mom do it.
by Tim XYZ November 08, 2003
Someone you hate who hates you back.
A: Be quiet, enemy.
B: I'm the who now?
A: 'lo C.
C: 'lo A.
by Tim XYZ October 24, 2003

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