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3 definitions by Tim L. in north Bama

1. the act of hurrying and disappearing after preforming an action that one would not want to be seen or caught in the act of
hey here comes the police, time to shit and get!!!
by Tim L. in north Bama February 27, 2011
23 3
1. a pack of sleazy Whore like women 2. Southern Ebonics slang for (whole pack)
1. hey dude look at the ho pack rolling our way.
2. I lost a ho pack of new ports, DAMN!!!
by Tim L. in north Bama February 06, 2011
23 3
1. the point of being so filthy or dirty one starts to resemble an Osama Bin Laden like order and appearance

2. to have a odor like an arab

3. not bathing or grooming ones self for long periods of time
guy1: "man, that mother fucker stinks!"

guy2: "yeah that due is arab nasty."
by Tim L. in north Bama March 01, 2011
25 11