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3 definitions by Tim Johnides

the ultimate fantastic sexual experience that causes your body to feel electric
John slept for 12 hours after "wall socket sex" with Elaine.
by Tim Johnides February 28, 2006
22 12
proctologist- someone who treats ass holes all day.
octogenarian- someone who is 80 years old.
"Proctogenarian"- an 80 year old ass hole.
Maynard was running around the house in his speedo yelling
'Michael Flatley!!', practicing his RiverDance routine. Mildred just thought he was acting like a "proctogenarian".
by Tim Johnides February 17, 2006
3 1
an 80 year old ass-hole
"Look at this idiot, he's driving in both lanes!"
"What do you expect, he's a proctogenarian"
by Tim Johnides February 15, 2006
5 3