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8 definitions by TigreArts

A created nano organism used expressly for the purpose of consuming another organism in a transformative action, then dying, leaving behind something more useful.
"The bio-pathologic creations were short-lived but very effective in their explicit function: eat and die. Behind them, they left a fertile field of death, assuring that the corpses of any incompatible alien flora would be able to support the intended crops and other flora."
- Todd R. Stevens, Parallel Extinction, soon to be published
by TigreArts November 17, 2010
To have reached the point of inebriation, through consumption of the substance of choice, where the feeling is of the 'perfect high', no more, no less.
Hey man, I'm quafed. It's sooo good!
by TigreArts November 16, 2010
A chaos of frequencies, each coherent in their own right, that cannot be aligned in any way due to the intrinsic differences of each.
'As it listened, it opened up to a universal static that was normally tuned out. From that static it was able to sort an immodulate buzz; it identified this as a consciousness source. Further, the buzz was multi-layered, each point source separate and inharmonic with the whole.'

-Excerpt from 'Parallel Extinction', by Todd R. Stevens, soon to be published.
by TigreArts January 07, 2011
A paper made from non-THC hemp plants.
'In an effort to pass the time and mitigate his discomfort, GB dug into his flight bag and pulled out a historical account-fiction, printed on hempayrus, in old-style book format.' - Parallel Extinction, by Todd R. Stevens, soon to be published
by TigreArts November 27, 2010
Communication has been reestablished through an electronic means.
Alright, Taylor, I bet you that the timing of comm loss is just coincidental. It’s probably some fire or hard to reach short that has them shut down. I’ll even bet that they are refreq'ed before that other patrol gets there.” - Parallel Extinction, Todd R. Stevens - soon to be published
by TigreArts November 23, 2010
Usually having to do with men's understanding, or lack thereof, of a woman's needs of emotions.
'Women. That was the problem; he was going into space today, so now was the time to set feminine confustications aside...' - Parallel Extinction by Todd R. Stevens, soon to be published
by TigreArts November 22, 2010
Lacking the ability to communicate through electronic methods.
Out in the sticks, I can only get dial-up; I might as well be freqless
by TigreArts November 23, 2010