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A part on a car, whether good or bad, that chances performance or sound from factory standards. Also any part in need of repair or replacement that makes the car sound bad or look stupid. Examples include a squeaking engine belt, aftermarket exhaust, super or turbo chargers, or any malfunctioning part of a car, like a noisy engine that is worn out.

Also, any time a Honda or other foreign car that somebody revs really hard or tries to floor it, making the car sound loud as hell. After hearing this one would comment on the Rice Valves in the car, even though they don't exist.

Abbreviated as Rvalves.
Dude, did you hear the exhaust on that car? Must have some monster Rice Valves in it!

I floored my car yesterday, I thought the Rive Valves were gonna explode!

Person 1: Man, my A/C belt is squeaking.
Person 2: Sounds like you need to get your Rice Valves replaced.
by Tiger Trainer November 13, 2009
To cry about, be afraid of, or complain about everything. To chicken out is to Brook out. Whining about something is Brooking about it.

Brooks are afraid of girls, they Brook out when one talks to them. Usually when a girl says hey to a Brook, a Brook will respond by saying something gay like 'yo'. People who wish to bring someone out who acts like this will say 'don't be a Brook'.

Nobody wants to be a Brook.
A Hot Girl: Hey.
A Brook: Looks away and mumbles 'yo'.
by Tiger Trainer November 19, 2009

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