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14 definitions by Tiger

Online service connecting beautiful people to other beautiful people. Occaisionally an unaccepted ugly will incorrectly define the wonder that is lipstickparty.
Eye saw U on ehl ess pee!
by Tiger January 20, 2004
18 28
People from Gods country.
by Tiger September 29, 2003
2 13
This is my word that no one else can use! hehe. when something is cool.
me: can i go to the movies?
parents: sure, here's a 20.
me: SCORE!!!
by Tiger April 26, 2003
3 23
forrest. yup he has myspace herpes.
get only chicks to post 30+ comment on his page a day. he donsn't know a single one.
by Tiger March 31, 2005
28 54
When a guy let's his dog out to make a group of girls stop.
Yesterday a group of guys let there puppy out so my friends and I would stop to catch his dog.
by tiger March 26, 2005
3 35
A lazy scumbag who contributes nothing by pretending to be ill.
He's was a total Appleby, taking money of his employer but never doing any work.
by Tiger September 25, 2003
21 55
What I say loudly when I sneak up behind Tess and/or Meagan and make them scream and shit themselves.
by Tiger April 05, 2005
18 101