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The greatest band that comes from the LBC. Consisted of 4 members, Bradley (deceased :-(), Bud, Eric and Lou Dog (deceased :-( )
Sublime is the best! w0o0o0
by Tiffany November 16, 2003
A part of Brooklyn that you need a friggin' boat and helicopter just to reach.
It took me 40 days and 40 nights to get to Canarsie from Williamsburg.
by Tiffany September 13, 2004
someone oppossed to fat people, fat culture, and the fat influence in our culture

fattists are often seen as a negative thing and people jump to label them, but really they are only converned with a healthy america. your fat, your problem.

fattists believe the overweights should be actively working to be thinner. until then, fuck off.
person a: That skinny model is hot.
person b: fattist!
by tiffany April 22, 2005
an STD
That nigga got the monkeys from some bitch up the block that everbody fucked raw
by Tiffany November 09, 2003
Thick white fluid containing sperms that is ejaculated by the male genitalias. Used as noun or verb.
n. - My jizz smells like fish.

v. - I'm about to jizz after looking at free porn!
by Tiffany November 02, 2002
Friend, hommie, dog
What's crakin Ike?
by Tiffany November 09, 2003
A skank who is more than 50% plastic and had boobs packed with plastic crap just to seem more sexy, but in reality it made her even more ugly .
Pamela Anderson walks by...
Person 1: OH MY GOD! Did i just see a real barbie slut ?!
Person 2: No you dumbass, its just a slut.
by tiffany March 06, 2005

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