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3 definitions by Ticklemepits

An Older Cougar, don't let the blue hair fool you, she can still bite. Not to mistaken for the regular cougar, there may be snow on the roof but a fire burns inside.
The blue cougar is taking her man candy to the country club. She want's to ride him hard and put him away wet.
by Ticklemepits March 23, 2009
It's when a person, especally a hot bisexual woman, is caught talking to a hot chick. They get all red-faced when asked what's up?
Hey, I just caught my wife with her hand in the pussy jaragain!

Wow, I hope she scores!
by Ticklemepits July 01, 2009
A goal that is set and then agreed to by at least two bros.
Me- Joe, by the end of the year ,I will ride my bike all the way up that hill without stopping or dying.

Joe- I will too, your on, it's a brogoal!
by Ticklemepits October 17, 2011