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A useless phrase used in response to anything. Often said in the style the Doorman from the Wizard of Oz says "Well bust my buttons!" It is often used in response to something serious to throw the conversation completely off.
Guy 1: OMG I just found a pot of gold!
Guy 2: Well tickle my nipple!

Guy 1: Dude...my dog just died.
Guy 2: Omfg why dont you just tickle my nipple then?
by TickleMyNipple September 17, 2008
A cock sandwich is made when a man inserts his erect penis in between two pieces of bread and has his girl chew on it. Although the teeth-to-dick impact may hurt, it arouses some fetishists.
Hey, wanna taste my cock sandwich?

Dude my dick hurts because my girl chomped down on my cock sandwich last night.
by TickleMyNipple September 17, 2008

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