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A way of describing a proper dirty battered woman's chuff
"and she had a chuff like a bulldog eating custard"
by Tibolticus May 19, 2008
Male ejaculation. Jizz, come, you get the drift.
Common Man Grout terms.....

"Ooooooh I'd grout her tiles"

"S'cuze me love. Can I grout your toilet"

"Oooooooh I'd love to spray my grout gun in her bathroom"

by Tibolticus May 19, 2008
The dirtiest town on planet earth. Skeefley is the home to some of nastiest hunchbacked pikey bastards you could ever hope to meet. don't go there- it stinks
Skeefley, otherwise known as keighley is a stinking shithole
by Tibolticus May 19, 2008
Commonly associated with the dirty little town of Keighley- the term Skeef applies to its foulest residents (99% of the population). The term can however apply to any number of people generally called chavs, kevs etc. For some reason the term doesn't seem to spread further away from Keighley than the nearest couple of towns. This is possibly because no one from outside the area has seen a Skeef. This simple cratures become easily confused when they get further from Keighley than the catchment area of the 662 bus route.
Skeef- a dirty trappy type who's hobbies include fighting, drinking, then fighting again.
by Tibolticus May 19, 2008

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