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1. A Place Of Knowledge

2. To Educated Someone Lesser Than Yourself On The Ways Of The Streets
1. Most People Attend High School For Four Years.

2. Dumb Bitch, Allow Me To School You On The Fine Art Of The "Hood" Ass-Whipping!
by Thysbe July 07, 2005
A Phrase You Say When Something Really Really Pisses You Off
Girl A: Girl, That Bitch Is Trying To Sleep With Your Man!
Girl B: What? That Shit Just About Fries My Bacon!
Girl A: So What Are You Gonna Do About It?
Girl B: Oh, I'm Gonna Whip Her Ass
by Thysbe July 07, 2005
What black men call their attempts to record a rap cd at age 35 while working part time as a custodian, living in their mother's basement and not paying child support!
Awwww Baby, Livin at my mommas house is only temporary, you know I got my side hustle in the works!
by Thysbe May 23, 2008
A Pet Name For A Woman's Vagina
Ladies No Man Wants A Full Bush On Your Twink! Trim It Please!
by Thysbe June 23, 2005

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