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14 definitions by Thuggish

another form of saying, "what is going on at the moment?"
say, foo, what's POPPING!?
by Thuggish June 20, 2003
25 7
chicken scratch is illegible writing.
wtf is that chicken scratch? i can't understand it!
by Thuggish June 20, 2003
15 7
A survey is a study about different things where one person asks questions and another person answers them.
I work doing surveys for a living.
by Thuggish June 21, 2003
9 6
Spanish for Ranch. In Mexico a "rancho" is a small town of maybe 20-100 people.
Hey ese! I'm going to the rancho today!
by Thuggish June 21, 2003
6 7
Mexican Spanish panocha raw sugar, from Spanish, ear of maize, ultimately from Latin panicula panicle. It is actually fudge made usually of brown sugar, butter, cream or milk, and nuts.
I am going to the mexican store and buy some panocha because I need that in order to make dinner
by Thuggish June 20, 2003
91 92
memba is the slang form of member.
say dawg, i'm a memba of this rap group.
by Thuggish June 20, 2003
5 18
Peach fuss are the thin facial hairs that are usually found in 130 14 year olds before they get a mustache.
HAHA, that's not a mustache that's peach fuss!
by Thuggish June 20, 2003
4 29