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2 definitions by Threedeckwizard

The Drive-By-Wank (DBW) was first seen in Shoreditch in 2002 and has slowly been gaining a reputation as the ultimate dare!!

The DBW is notoriously difficult to pull off due to many variables but in essence one is required to find a woman with a low-cut top on or a backless top, either way exposing a good amount of flesh.

The DBW'er is required to get himself ready by fiddling with himself so he's just on the brink of shooting his load (extremely difficult to even get to this stage in a crowded bar without getting arrested!). He then blatently runs past her wanking madly and shooting his flith paste all over her exposed flesh and then legging it before he gets lynched!!
"She's perfect Drive-By-Wank material"
by Threedeckwizard July 27, 2006
OCS is commonly recognised in the UK as the "One Complete Solution" company and their vans are often seen of the roads of our major citys. According to some muppet in the USA, OCS also stands for "Original Chicken Sandwich" and uses the example of "I really fancy an OCS"

As any self respecting porno-mag reader will know, OCS stands for "Open Cunt Shot" - a standard pose of your hardcore porno models where they lie back and pull their pussy apart for the camera.

I suggest our American friend doesn't use his example whist on holiday in the UK as he could end up with a well thumbed copy of Whitehouse being slipped into his sweaty palms!!
Jeesus, check that OCS out

Whilst in the bedroom with your good lady; "Come on luv, stop mucking about and give me an OCS"

(snigger) "There's the OCS Van!!)
by Threedeckwizard July 27, 2006