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A fagaletti is one who is annoying, frustrating and acts like a real dickhead....the person described knows they are being a real pain in the arse.....
Person in the office is going around getting right in peoples faces being generally annoying, telling jokes that are not particularly funny and has really bad breath, from the previous night of eating a garlic based spaghetti....therefore that makes this person a fagaletti.


Your driving along quietly and a person that has been riding up your arse for the last 10 minutes zooms past....as he passes you yell in an opera voice 'Fagaletti!'
#annoying #frustrating #spaghetti #pasta #bad breath
by Threadfins March 30, 2011
My cat is the definition of this....the whinging for food starts about 1 o'clock and it doesn't stop until she's fed.

So I guess its a chronic whinger.....one that doesn't actually stop until something is satisfied....whatever that may be....
My cat is in the kitchen, I walk past....MEOW...I run off trying to escape from the whinging......but it somehow always chases me to the other rooms of the house. If I run back past the kitchen the meowing reaches a new drawn out high pitched pleading...so my cat is a Whingypoo!


Your working with someone and they are whinging about a new rule that is considered to them stupid, but in reality is beneficial....but their constant whinging to the manager gets the new rule converted back to the previous rule....so they are a Whingypoo!
#whine #whinger #complain #obnoxious #frustrating
by Threadfins March 30, 2011
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