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A small 3 legged animal found out in remote areas of cornwall related closely to haggi (native to scottish highlands). Hunted to near extinction in the 18th century, this animal has now been taken in as an endangered species and bred in undisclosed sanctuaries as the primary ingredient in "cornish pastys". The flavour is often mistaken to that of beef or lamb (although cheap misrepresentations of a true pasty are commonplace).
Until a few hundred years ago cornish pasty hunting was a day to day activity for royalty and upper classes.
by Thrashasaur June 16, 2007
When a persons facebook status starts being commented on by others; and then people change the subject and use the thread to have a completely off topic discussion amongst themselves.
Last night I made a status commenting on how my sister throws house parties without me... ended up getting status lynched by my friend and my sister trying to work out when the next should be!
by Thrashasaur February 13, 2009
"An overly gay appearing chav"
Most waftys are male and can be easily distinguished from the general chav crowd by a variety of combinations of the following:

- Spend far too long worried about their appearance, this is usually extremely obvious in the long hair which has been styled into a rather feminine or ott style.
- They usually appear in pink t-shirts or shirts (these may or may not seem to be slightly small)
- Most wafties wear jeans (although not all jean wearing people are wafties :P)
- The majority of wafties see themselves as great footballers (whether they are or not)
- Wafties will attempt to "big themselves up" to look tougher than they really are.
- They seem to have unbelievably fit girlfriends but who are also unbelievably "blonde"

---Distinguishments from a Chav---

- A male chav will almost never wear pink (see chav definitions)
- Chavs mostly travel in herds (lots of them with lots of wool between the ears) whilst wafties are mostly found in groups of 2 or 3 at most (other than when they are attempting to play football)
Put simplya wafty is A chav that appears gay (but may not be)
by Thrashasaur September 21, 2006

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