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noun; A person, usually female, that spends unearthly amounts of time in tanning beds and/or smears excessive amounts of sunless tanning lotion on their skin; creating a radioactive orange hue. What defines a creamsicle however, is the act of repeatedly bleaching one's hair over and over and over until it is nearly white--what Creamsicles call "Platinum". In popular culture, these two nature-defying acts are often paired, thus the Creamsicle was born.
"Hey Jesse, let's go watch girls leaving Palm Beach Tan.", said Carlos. "Nah man.", said Jesse, "I'm not into Creamsicles."

Jim: Hey Danny, what the hell is wrong with that girl over there? She's got bright orange skin and white hair.

Danny: Yeah, that's what I like to call... a Creamsicle.
by Thor6789 June 20, 2010
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