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when you and an opponent face eachother at opposite ends of a hallway and you both are sporting large boners. you run at eachother full speed and when you get close enough you try and poke the other with your boner sort of like jousting.
Yesterday my friend and I played a quick game of boner tag for the last piece of cake.
by thomas1234 January 30, 2007
The measurement from mouth to genitals. Simply for establishing a sufficient partner for 69. The greater the disparity in oral orbit the less likely 69 will be pleasureful for 69ers.
Chris says " man i love when a chick sucks you off and you get to dig your tongue into her beaver."

Joel responds " yeah i know what you mean man danielle damico and i have an amazingly similar oral orbit, her beaver is always 100% in my face!"
by thomas1234 March 09, 2008
A skin shovel is simply someones hand in the process of finger banging another.
I was sitting in a movie some years ago when my friend wouldn't get his skin shovel out of his girlfriend's pants, while she was next to me.
by Thomas1234 November 26, 2007

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