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The original urban dictionary in the English language, the medieval poet Geoffrey Chaucer wrote in the vernacular, or the language of the common people. The Canterbury Tales, for example, is a collection of stories filled with plenty of swearing, slang, and fart jokes.
courtly poet: "Rident stolidi verba Latina!"
Chaucer: "Fuck that. I'm writing in English."
by Thomas Sartorius April 13, 2008
Apparently, the new politically correct way at several institutes of higher learning to refer to entities previously known as freshmen.
Steven: That red-headed freshman is so hot! I'm totally going to get that bitch drunk and bone her tomorrow night!
Greg: Really, Steven, I'm ashamed of your uncouth behavior -- the polite way of speaking about such an individual dictates that we use the term "first year."
by Thomas Sartorius May 07, 2008
An inexplicably up-and-coming harpist, harpsichordist, singer, and songwriter with a very distinctive singing style and a more than eccentric fanbase.
Dane: Just wait until you hear "Bridges and Balloons." It's so deep and moving, and probably my favorite Joanna Newsom song.

James: Wtf, turn that sh** off -- she sounds like a dying cat!
by Thomas Sartorius April 06, 2008
What a girl makes you do before she'll let you have sexual intercourse with her.
"Can we get the kissing over with?"
by Thomas Sartorius April 06, 2008
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