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N; hyoo-den
A posh or upper class man.
"You fucking Hewden. Get back to your mannor you freak!"
by Thomas Cook August 15, 2006
an elegant man or 'upper class' person may be heard to say this word as he trys to get passed you as you are in his way. It is spoken fast, to disguise it as the phrase 'excuse me'
*two people socialise in a door way*
*an upper class, well spoken person wants to go through the dor way*

Upper Class person: "Hewdenmeh."
Person stood in door way: "Terribley sorry sir."
*moves out of door way allowing upper class person to pass by*
by Thomas Cook August 15, 2006
An upper class male (Hewden) might be heard saying this when he sees something that he finds crude and immature.
It is derrived from the word "hillaireous"
Commonner: "ha ha! look at that chodd of poo!"
Hewden: "Hilairdeeooss"
by Thomas Cook August 15, 2006

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