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a mic shizzle is when someone tries to do somethhing for you like sell you something and you really dont want it like a "shamrock" and at first you say naaw i really dont want one but they keep on so you snap and say damn man gett on outta here with that mic shizzle.
damn man i don't care get outta my face wit that mic shizzle
by thomas March 01, 2005
A homosexual male. "Venturing into the Vegemite Valley"
I think they're Vegemite Valley Venturers
by Thomas May 29, 2004
1)Fat moron who can lift weights and play Unreal Tournament at the same time.
I'm drinking a protein shake, lifting weights, playing playstation and gaming on my computer, I'm BladeRadius.
by Thomas December 15, 2003
becoming arrested for weed; in accordance with immediate sex with Dallas
Galen became galenated during his first three months of school.
by Thomas December 14, 2003
Craziest kid on earth and extremely HOTT!
Damn that kid is vivin!
by Thomas March 03, 2005
KUNIT is a korean unit who plays counter-forces in his "white-tee". According to some sources, KUNIT is a domebuster.
damn yooo. that foo is a KUNIT!
by Thomas December 08, 2004
One whom is Bithomasial is refered to one that is interested in only male persons with the name "Thomas." This word is also classed as an offencive word in the english lanugage.
Get loss you Bithomasial...
Get off my turf Bithomasial...
by Thomas March 01, 2005

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