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101 definitions by Thomas

To move away to live with your parents to a place where you have no friends.
"Dude, you live with your parents and have no friends, don't be a Nash."
by Thomas February 13, 2004
idiot that goes to renaissance school yet has learned absolutely nothing. it is impossible to describe she is so fucking stupid
i was talking to storm today, she is so fucking stupic
by Thomas January 31, 2004
Bow..... A goofy looking kid. with an exponential hair line from birth.. who loves to act and loves Grace
Kleaver you are stupid!
by Thomas February 08, 2005
a bitch, and should go to hell and burn with her stupid book, "the yearling"
kyle's mom iz such a poole
by thomas March 23, 2005
A really anoyying but kinda fun at the same time flash vid with a muscularly undefined guy lipsinking the words and having a good time with it. Be careful it can get stuck in the head almost as easily as the Hampster Dance. If you really want to find out more or want to see it go to www.newground.com, it's where I found it. Either it will be on the front page or in the portal.
It's like the hampster dance but with an actual person and no toons.
by Thomas March 21, 2005
Valkyr is a drug which brings your fears back (the worst hallucinations you could imagine)

Also, a loyal and l33t member on the GTAForums.com
"I was torn apart... by valkyr. Never try it."
by Thomas August 14, 2004
The Best cerveza ever! Found in virtually no places except from Mexico where it originates.
Will, Lets go grab a SOL and then we will go scuba diving
by Thomas April 12, 2005