11 definitions by Thomas kight

someones annoying ankle biter dog that looks like a weisel, because its badly inbred.
i hope my sisters weisel terrier stops biting my ankles, before i croat that little fucker out.
by Thomas kight January 22, 2008
A person who cant tell the truth even if their life depended on it.
Thanks to my pathalog lawyer i just got off in my drug charge case scott free.
by Thomas kight January 22, 2008
in refrence to the Police department in fincastle Virginia who stare at you while you take a shower.
Those pigs who locked me up on 420 are fincastle gay!
by Thomas Kight April 22, 2008
person who goes around giving any one they find a rim job. or describe some one who is a looser.
That dude carson daily who runs shit ass TRL on MTV is a total chode smoker.
by Thomas kight January 22, 2008
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