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3 definitions by Thizzzzzzzzle Washington

The act of getting stupid, dumb, retarded, drunk, hyphy, high, whatever. Getting to a state of mind where you just don't care. Originating from the San Francisco Bay Area
"Hit her from the back and start to smell something something, stupid doo doo dumb"
by Thizzzzzzzzle Washington January 25, 2006
Aka E-40. Given the gift of spit, E-40 IS Mr. Flamboyant. Flamboastin, thizzin and gettin hyphy every day of the week, Mr. Flamboyant is always pullin biches and making that gouda.
Forty wata IS Mr. Flamboyant
by Thizzzzzzzzle Washington May 06, 2006
A ho that is go-rillin. Basically a ho that knows how to suck dick.
Go-rilla ho. I want a go-rilla ho for this pimpin. Is there any go-rilla hoes in the building? A had every ho but a go-rilla ho. I want a bitch that's go-rilla hoin. Throwin' pussy blood on the track.
by Thizzzzzzzzle Washington January 25, 2006