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3 definitions by Thizzlamicus

A rare breed of fraternity member who has evolved character traits that are clearly superior to those of his brethren.
Amir: Did you hear, Sam hooked up with 3 Kappa girls last night. And get this- he called them all the next day.

Kenny: Dude's a bro 2.0, fasho.
by Thizzlamicus January 26, 2011
44 16
Necrosis of the penis caused by overuse, excessive masturbation, or sexually transmitted diseases.
Joe-bro: Jessica is so slutty, I'm definitely gonna get some tonight!

Brosama: Dude, stay away from her. She's got so many STD's you'll get bangrene the moment you pull out!
by Thizzlamicus June 07, 2010
17 1
That fellow who circumvents his biological imperative and impregnates anything that will take his seed.
Dude, do it ON the couch, not to the couch. Fuckin' Johnny Fappleseed.
by Thizzlamicus August 24, 2011
9 0