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certain senoirs (usually twins) that:

Spike Freshmen girls drinks.

Ask girl to coffee and then say they're going to hook up with them next weekend.

Giving Freshmen girls rides home thinking they're going to get some the next weekend.

Always talk about getting duss and never do.

And usually bro out way to tough every weekend in the haggens parking lot instead of hooking up with girls like they say they're going to do.
Guy1: Man your lurking today.
Guy2: what do you mean bro?
Guy1: You're lurking like a spooner!
Guy2: Oh damn dude my bad... but do you think this freshmen will still get with me?
Guy1: You may want to lurk a little harder.
Guy2: Sweeeeeeeet duder.
by Thizz faced moose March 25, 2009

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