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Probably the funniest phrase that the "accutane" definitions will ever have.
George Bush (A genuine Chernoybl baby)
by ThisAssHole October 26, 2009
Have you ever eaten Taco Bell and lit your farts on fire?
There was a shortage of flamethrowers in WWII. Fortunately, Mexican food was abundant, so Allied soldiers would eat the delicious shit and hold matches under their asses to fry the hell out of those fucking Nazis. This was the invention of the Mexican Flamethrower.
by ThisAssHole October 26, 2009
A made up sexual act for those of you retarded enough to click on every fucking link of a term on this website that you do not know the meaning of. (Read first definition)
I hope you had a good laugh, because after reading that stupid shit about Lucifer's pleasantries, you are now scarred for life.
by ThisAssHole October 26, 2009
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