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When a man pours beer in a bowl, then put is balls in it and a straw. He then blows bubbles into the bowl until erect. Then he drinks the beer.
I was so lonley last night, that I decided to go for a german hot tub
#balls #beer #hot tub #sex #blow
by thirtyfivestudio June 11, 2008
how a mexican (or spanish) person would say bitch up.
Shaniqwa fell down last night and i had to pick the bishop off the floor.
#bitch #mexican #spanish #up #shaniqwa
by Thirtyfivestudio July 10, 2008
An Irish Tag Team is when you have a threesome with your best friend and a motherly figure.
This is open to members of both sexes, and the best friend can be of both sexes as well. The motherly figure does not have to be related, just a motherly figure.
an Irish Tag Team has parts kinda similar to some plot points from

Y tu mamá también
#irish #threesome #tag team #best friend #mother
by Thirtyfivestudio July 16, 2009
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