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2 definitions by Thinkerman78

feeling better in the mistaken belief that facebook friends are exactly the same as real life friends. Similar in meaning and pronunciation to placebo effect.
Olya: "What are you talking about? I have heaps of friends! Being home alone every Saturday night gives me a chance to catch up with them on facebook."

Charles: "OMG, you are clearly suffering from the facebo effect".
by Thinkerman78 December 04, 2009
son who appears to have inherited his father's male pattern baldness. It is a play on the phrase heir apparent and the irony that the subject's hair is becoming less apparent by the day.
James: "you should see my little bro's receding hair line! He's clearly the hair apparent in our family"

Anthony: "yeah, he really is a chip off the old block"
by Thinkerman78 December 15, 2009