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A word you scream when you're bored or when you have nothing to say in a conversation. This word can also be used when you see a sexy girl or woman with big overloaded boobs.

From the Dutch word for breasts: Tetten
Sit. 1:
You're at school talking with your friends, suddenly nobody has anything to say, then you scream TETT'n as loud as you can.

Sit. 2:
You're walking on street, suddenly you see a hot, sexy girl or woman with huge boobs, then you say: "Damn, look at those TETT'n."
by Thibi February 03, 2008
1.(Noun) A cheap ass store, resembling a 99 cent store in the USA. This store is thought to be high quality in The Netherlands.
2.(Adjective)Word used to describe something of poor quality(Commonly used in Belgium). In Belgium, a lot of Muslims go to those stores.
1.John : Wow, did you see Shaniqua the other day?
Amy : Yeah, she was wearing a cheap ass jacket, I bet I saw it in one of Lidl's folders.
2.Wow man, you look so Lidl, take those fake ass gold chains off!
by Thibi February 03, 2008

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