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The first thing you should ever say to a friend/anyone after you/anyone cause physical pain towards that person in any area of their body.
*Kid falls off bike*
Kid : "Ouch! My shin!
You: "Maybe you should have been wearing a helmet!!"

*Friend gets kicked in the balls*
Friend: "I think you popped a nut!!"
You: "Maybe you should have been wearing a helmet!!"
by TheyCallMeStoner December 05, 2010
To be "Prepared For Butt Sex"
Dude1: Hey dude, do you have any lube?
Dude2: Umm... Why?
Dude1: Well this girl promised me that i could put it in her anus but i don't wanna go in dry.
Dude1: Oh! ask Kyle! he's always PFBS! ;)
by TheyCallMeStoner November 14, 2010

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