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shaking my head in shame
laura: that girl slept with josh & his cousin in the same night

susie: smhis,, wtf is her problem
by TheeExquizit July 15, 2010
a "fishy bitch" is a girl that has a fishy smelling vagina,, {usually happens when girls dont clean there vaginal area}
teacher: you can sit rite next to sara there,

sara: i dont want that fishy bitch next to me
by TheeExquizit July 14, 2010
killing brain cells

you can be smoking, drinking, popping pills etc
carol: what we doing tonight

niomi: we're gonna be at my house drinking and smoking

carol: we gonna be kbc aaaallll night baby

niomi: hell yeeea
by TheeExquizit July 16, 2010

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