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When a dumb person acts in a dumb, unecessary fashion, and you do not want to offend people while using the word "retarded"

We ended dinner early because my brother was acting ernonically.

Get up and stop being so ernonic!
by Thebeezkneez999 June 23, 2011
When a moment or memory that is fantastic, requires a better word than funny; but you don't want to sound dumb by continuously adding so's in front of it. (you know you've been in this situation before)

Also needing a better word than hilarious.

Can also be used in replacement for the word insane, but only on rare, necessary occasions.

pronounced (SAY~nick)
Oh my god! That day was so freaking SANIC!!
I like that guy, he's totally sanic.
by Thebeezkneez999 June 23, 2011
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