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This is the "French" word for the male genitalia. Typically used when referring to it as a dish.
Roommate 1: "Man, what is wrong with that chick you brought over last night?"
Roommate 2: "I dunno, bro. I thought she was all about Le Sausage, but I think she's more of a Fish Taco type of girl."
Roommate 1: "Fair enough."
by The_Victor May 24, 2009
another way of saying "I'm kickin' it"
Twitter status - Victor is currently practicing my judo at the house
by The_Victor June 05, 2009
phrase: Used when one is informing another person that they are now their friend on Twitter.
Victor - "Hey Nima, I'm following you."
Nima - "What?!"
Victor - "On Twitter, dude. Stop being such a spaz."
by The_Victor May 24, 2009
A color of skin which is only achieved through an underestimation (or over-consumption) of the sun's UV rays resulting in deeply burnt skin. Touching this colored skin will result in a warm sensation felt by the one touching the skin and a very unpleasant, painful sensation by the one owning the skin.

In the movie "The Hangover", this is the skin color that Doug had when his buddies found him on the roof of the Caeser's Palace.
After those longs hours spent in the California sun, my skin is less of a "tan" color and more of a "hangover red". *sad face*
by The_Victor July 11, 2011

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