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A very talented young woman who wishes to create a better world. While also being young is also multi-talented. Most likely able to become a multi-millionaire in the future. Also sociable and very friendly. You're fucking lucky if you marry her. You're even more fucking lucking if she choses to fuck you.
Guy 1: Dude, i just screwed britanny last night.

Guy 2:Well, i got laid by Emilie last night...in the parking lot!

Guy 1:You lucky bastard...
by The_Good_Samaritan December 04, 2011
The fucking beast of his time and place and generation! His dick will fuckin rip you girls apart! In fact, you'd cower even before he takes it out! He goes by the moniker Virginity Thief. If his eyes lay on you, then there's a hundred percent chance that you'll be his bitch for the night. There's another chance that you'll find your legs useless in the morning.
He was once part of Chuck Norris, but Chuck decided to get a new dick becuase connor was too overwhelming.

Chick 1-holy shit! connor just checked me out!
Chick 2-aw damn girl, you're his bitch tonight!
Guy rushes over.
Guy-oh shit! connor was staring at me! i don't want to end up in a wheelchair!
by The_Good_Samaritan December 05, 2011
A school with the grades of 6-8. Created about ten years back i believe. It's probably one of the most newest school in the Maltby area (considering the maltby area only has one other school). Though it had pretty good teachers, the teachers that go there now are highly unpredictable. Most of the old timers have retired, but from what I've heard, the new teachers there are pretty mean and disciplining. Once a drugfree place, the place itself is now full of druggies! (or so i've heard). The kids there yap away like nothing, and that get's the nerves of the teachers obviously. Now you see why the teachers might be so mean. Either way, it's an ok school. The school colors are green, black and grey while the school mascot is a hawk.
The real hidden river, which the school Hidden River Middle School was named after is actually just a small puddle about the size of a pothole.
by The_Good_Samaritan December 05, 2011

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