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The Gayest Overrated Thing On Earth. Millions Of American Men Sit On There Couch Screaming At The T.V Drinking Bear And Jumping Up & Down Every Time Some One Uses There HANDS To Catch Something. Play Breaks Down Every 30 Seconds And Any One Who Is Not An American Fag Has Already Turned Over Or Fell Asleep By Half Time. Supposedly For "Real Men" Because Of The Shit Load Of Protection They Wear. The Actual Event Itself And What They Do At Half Time Is Actually More Interesting Than The Supposed "Game" That Is Being Played. turd
American Fag Number 1: "Oh My God Did You See The Super Bowl?!"

American Fag Number 2: " Of Course! I've Been Waiting For It All Year, I Mean It's Not Exactly Anything Special And Is The Same As Any Other "Footabll" Game I've Seen, But Now It's Over I've Got Nothin' To Do For A Year!"

Non-American Person: "Yer I Tryed Watchin It But I Didn't Know What The Fuck Was Goin' On And They Kept Just Stopping Play, What The Fuck Dude? And I Also Can't Stand Fat Sweaty Americans Getting Over Excited About Some Guy Catchin' A Ball."

American Fag Number 1: "Fair Point."
by The_Don_killuminati May 08, 2006

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