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(N) noun:
Derived from France and Germany.
From the Summer of 2010, two mischievous young ladies... Having the time of their lives, have a camera battel, one says she's super cool and the other says she's awesome. The other, in an effort to win the popularity contest blurts out a word so ingenious creating a rhyming apocalyptic eventual phenomena. I'm Awesome Possum!!!
Funnier than Awesome Blossum and more sophisticated than Awesome Fossum.
Please note: this word does not in any way literally visualize an awesome 'possum'.
Possums are hideous and therefore are not awesome.
Anna: Omg Julie! You're so freakin awesome possum!
Julie: Bahhumbug pish posh! Dont be silly I am NO possum!
Anna: Fail Julie, I meant it in a good way.
Julie: Oh fantastic! Let's celebrate over a cup of tea!
Anna: You're only my friend because you have an awesome possum British accent.
Julie: Your brain is equivalent to that of a possum.
Anna: An Awesome Possum-possum brain! (pun-intended).
by The_Alien_Next_Door October 20, 2012

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