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A further bastardisation of the word buddy or bud. The welsh pronounciation the word bud delivers such abruptness on the D it is magically transformed into a letter never heard before by man. It is so mysterious that all one can hear after the clear "uh" sound of the word is silence due to the incapability of the non-welsh human mind to properly process such a sound. It's closest relative is the letter 'T'. The letter 'T' is therefore acceptably substituted until the rest of the human race is at such a stage that they may understand and therefore develop a symbol for such a letter.
Hey Dave, hows it going?

Good, you alright but?
by TheWelshman July 10, 2012
A welshism is a phrase used particularly by welsh people that can mean both everything and nothing in most circumstances. A welshism may also be a form of a word in the english language that has been bastardised through a blend of welsh language and accent. Such phrases are believed to be meaningless, but among Welsh people can save time when talking of potentially drawn out matters of domestic and vocational concerns.
I don't understand Welshisms, they don't mean anything
by TheWelshman July 10, 2012
A famous and commonly used 'welshism' or welsh slang native to the coutry of Wales. 'Byer' pronounced "bye-uh" meaning 'by here'. Suggesting that the contextual subject of the conversation is within the immediate vicinity of the person who says this word. Usually accompanied by a gesture indicatIng the location of said object. This term is frequently subject to scrutiny by the logical and literate english speaker; hilighting an answer of 'by here' ergo 'near here' as counterproductive and meaningless, therefore a waste of time to a those involved in this question of geography. But to the average Welshman a simplified means of pleasant conversation.
Oi, Dave. Where's my pint?

Byer John
by TheWelshman July 10, 2012
Pronounced "buh-there". Similar to 'Byer' only meaning a bit further away from the person and his/her vicinity and therefore does not qualify as 'byer'. It is unknown what measurement of distance defines the two from each other. Such logic can only be understood by a Welshman. Almost always said with a gesture indicating the location of said object.
Oh buddy, where's steve gone in here?

He's bthere in the corner
by TheWelshman July 10, 2012
A reality cheque can be an imaginary or crudely drawn cheque sized piece of paper you hand someone when it's clear their getting too detatched from reality. Implying that they should cash it and come back down to earth from their emotional or psychological trip in the clouds. Used as a funnier alternative to yelling "Reality Check" and can sometimes be more effective due to subtlety.
"Aww man my girlfriend didn't text back right away, she must hate me. It's all over i may aswell just end it."

"Dude, chill, it's probably fine."

"Aww it hurts bro, she doesn't want me, she's gonna break my heart i know it. Just like every other girl in history! Why do i bother! It's all so stupid!..."

"Well.....i'm just gonna write you a little reality cheque here...............theeere we go. And you get back to me when you've tightened that loose screw mkay?"
by TheWelshman July 19, 2012

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