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The Wanted is a british boyband consisting of Thomas Parker 24, Max George 24, Siva Kaneswaran 24, Jay McGuiness 22, and Nathan Sykes 19.

They have three CDs out as well as some deluxe Editions and am working on their newest album Third Strike. They are the singers of the greatest hits All Time Low, Glad You Came, and recently I Found You.
They have only won one award PCA Breakoutartist just this year but have been nominated for awards since they first started. Jay McGuiness won Sexiest Vegetarian in 2011.
They sound great live or on CD. They are amazing guys to meet and will treat you as an equal. They make Wanted Wednesdays for their fans and have a twitter account so that you can keep up with them. TWFanmily is their fans and it shows how much they love us when they call us their family.
I hope they continue singing for a long time and for all those haters out there you have horrible taste. The Wanted is better then Justin Beiber, Taylor Swift, and One Direction.
They are hot, funny, outgoing, and outragious with TomTantroms, DadJokes, Pranks, Falls, Fails, and a Beiber look alike who can sing his heart out.
Check them out you wont regret it.
"The Wanted's new WantedWednesday is out it says so on their twitter @thewanted. I cant wait to check it out!"
by TheWantedGirl January 19, 2013

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