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2 definitions by TheVoice611

An ancient warrior whom has been entrusted by the ancient forces of the universe to maintain balance by fighting against evil. Depicted also as the Archangel of Heaven. Mychaels are often handsome, talented, passive (unless otherwise is required,) and smarter than they may appear. While a Mychael may not always choose to lead, they can prove a valuable tool and source of guidance to any authorities.
"He is fierce, like Mychael." "He thinks with the prowess of Mychael."
by TheVoice611 November 23, 2012
18 4
A Small white boy with rosey cheeks and a bubbly laugh. Picture a chipmunk, but take away the fur, and you have a Zach. Good served in butter with a side of home fries. Worth a good five dollars on the black market, except when served in nugget form.
Go into your back yard and shave a chipmunk and you will know what Zach looks like. No other example needed. chipmunk delicious cute
by TheVoice611 March 17, 2013
2 11