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Anything that sounds awesome and just comes to your mind!
Like using insulting words (like bitch) to be friendly.
That's the sex! (He's/she's the sex)
That's rad!
Hey sexy (when seeing a fellow friend)
Lets Kick it, babe (when leaving some place)
Fantasticly Fab!
Hey bitch.
She's his whore/ she's a whore(she taken)
You have the unicorn spirt today! (your happy today)
That's fabby!
We arn't using scene lingo , we're just awesome!
by TheUnicorn August 23, 2006
When one's significant other puts Poprocks in their mouth immediately before performing oral sex on the other.
Dude, Michelle gave me a Beijing Surprise last night, it was like fireworks on my dick.
by theunicorn August 20, 2012
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