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A theory stating the idea of overlapping looks... Billions of people in the world with millions of different appearances...meaning, there are at least 1,000 people in the world who look identical to you!
Freddy: OMG! I just came back from California and I saw someone who looks JUST LIKE YOU!

Vinnie: SEE, I told you! Fuckin Doppelganger Theory is REAL!!
by TheUltimateGayMan June 25, 2010
When you take someone who is generally viewed as ugly, take off their glasses, fluff their hair and dress them differently and they become SMOKIN' HOT!!!
Freddy: Katherine looks like one ugly bitch!

Vinnie: Bullshit, take off her glasses and shit, you'll see....total librarian effect on that bitch!
by TheUltimateGayMan June 25, 2010

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