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1. Adj. Feeling under the weather, as with a cold or the flu.
2. Adj. Having great skill or skills with respect to a particular endeavor.
3. Adj. Being particularly depraved, usually with respect to one's selfish pursuits or the manner in which one treats others.
4. v. A more fashionable version of the verb "to chill," i.e., to relax, lounge, to hang out.
1. I'm feeling ill today.
2. "Damn, I'm ill at this game!"
3. "Yeah, so Raekwon tried to steal his chef's hat, and he straight murdered that kid with a soup ladel. He's pretty ill like that."
4. "I'm going to ill out at my house tonight," or "What did we do last night? Oh, we illed out at your mom's place."
by TheTripleBizzle November 28, 2004
1. v. To shout loudly, especially when in pain.

2. v. To yell at ill-behaved children who normally reside in the southern United States.

3. v. To address a friend, colleage, or object of romantic pursuit; the caucasian form of "holla."

4. v. An expression meant to express agreement with another person's declarative statement; the caucasian form of "holla."
1. "When he dropped the hammer on my foot, I hollered so loud that the whole neighborhood could hear!"

2. "I could see Cletus tryin' to kiss his sister from across the yard, so I hollered at him to stop before I got my favorite switch."

3. "Holler at your boy," or "Holler at me tomorrow, girl."

4. Person 1: "Yo you have no business pimpin' like that with those new sneaks, son."
Person 2: "Holler at a baller. I got 'em yesterday."
#slang #rap #hiphop #white #black
by TheTripleBizzle April 30, 2006
1. Adj. Something that has been repeated so often, become so popular, or the exposure to which is so widespread that it is no longer hip or cool.

Can be used to describe a piece of popular culture, for example a song or movie, or an abstract concept, such as playing Jenga or neo-conservatism.

Something may be played out to the degree that it can never be hip or cool again, or it may be played out temporarily, for example when one gets too drunk for days in a row, then says "drinking is played out," and then gets drunk again the following weekend.

2. Adj. A person who goes onto UrbanDictionary.Com and looks up words to add, only to find that other people have already entered the same words with the same or better definitions than said person had in mind.

a. "Yo, don't use the n-word; racism is played out, son."

b. "Sorry dawg, but playing basketball at Candle Park is played out. I'm trying to go to Vassault."

2. "You are so played out TripleBizzle; you think you're the first person to say that 'holler' is the white version of 'holla'?
#slang #silly #funny #jokes #goofy
by TheTripleBizzle November 15, 2006
1. A popular brand of baby formula containing viatmins and nutrients that newborns need for nutrition.

2. What sucka mc's who are much younger and less mature drink while being influenced by a better, older, and wiser rapper.
1. "John, will you pick up some similac for Emily at the store on your way home?"

2. "That nigga AZ tried to say that I deserve a platinum plaque; I was selling tapes out the trunk of my car when he was runnin' around drinkin' similac." - E-40
#similac #rap #hiphop #slang #dis
by TheTripleBizzle April 30, 2006
Adj. Something annoying, undesirable, unfortunate, or in poor taste; can also be used in the plural to the same effect.
1. "You wrecked your car last night? That's booboo schlackum!"

2. "Listen, don't even worry about that broad; she's booboo schlackums for shizzle."

#slang #silly #goofy #funny #juvenlie
by TheTripleBizzle May 26, 2006
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