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Defecating on your partner's head while receiving a hummer. This move is achieved facing away from your partner while on top. Facing the other way results in a brown bow-tie.
Jethro slipped me a laxative that kicked in while Sherry and I were 69ing and she was giving me a hummer and I couldn't help giving her a brown sombrero!
by TheSinkingSpell June 30, 2009
While crouched over your partner and receiving a hummer you defecate on your partner's neck, hence a brown bow-tie. Note that the person delivering the brown bow-tie must be facing his partner's head, lest he deliver a brown sombrero.
"While Sarah was giving me a hummer last night, those refried beans kicked in and I couldn't help but give her a brown bow-tie!"
by TheSinkingSpell June 30, 2009
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