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A Jewish douche Bag. Found in parts of New York, but generally thrive most in the arid climate of Boca Raton and other douchey areas of south and central Florida.
Guy #1: Did you go out last night?

Guy #2: Yeah, but the place was swarming with Jew-che Bags. I had to leave before I killed myself.
by TheSigPiJake July 27, 2009
The best porno 'stache that a man can physically grow. It is the highest of the high when it comes to facial hair growth.
Guy#1: "That's a great porno 'stache man!"

Guy#2: "This is no porn 'stache son, this is a Poon Broom! Don't you ever call it a porno 'stache again either or I will stab you in the jaw!"
by TheSigPiJake May 27, 2009

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