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Another (way schmexxier) way of saying "sexy".
Invented by MSN chats or "l33t-speakers". Usually refers to a certain act, rather than a person or object.
Used by scene 13-15yr-olds from London.
Ooooh, that was some schmexxie dance-move, you sexy lil' devil.
by TheSchmexxieDevil January 21, 2009
Another way of saying "Sh*t"!
It's much more babyish and boffin, but funner to say and isn't illegal in schools.

It was made up by Drayton-Kids from West London.

Yes... Londoners are strange.
Bob: Your mum just died.
Jim: Oh bum-crumb!
Bob: Correct... Bum-crumb.
by TheSchmexxieDevil January 23, 2009

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