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When two bro's know each other so well, they know what each other's penises are thinking. This can usually be spotted when guys high five after seeing an incredibly hot girl walk-by.
Guy1: Wow dude, you see that chick?

*chick walks by*

Guy2: Oh yeah! *high fives and bro-fists* It's like we have Telepenesis.
by TheSandman321 February 02, 2011
A Thereom that details cases of super-nerdy teenaged guys that have freakishly hot sisters, the kind that you wonder: "How the hell does that come from the same thing that made that!?"

The sister in question usually becomes wicked-hot during puberty in a ugly-duckling to swan transformation, while the brother goes through a ugly-duckling to ugly-duck trnasformation.
Guy1: "Look man, it's Eugene and......Liz?"

Guy2: "OMFG bro, how the hell did Eugene and Liz come from the same vagina? Liz is the hottest piece of ass since Megan Fox."

Guy1: "Dude, I know! But according to the Anderspn-Best Thereom, every nerdy fag has a mega-hot sister."

Guy2: "Thank God for the Anderson-Best Thereom!" *high fives all around*
by TheSandman321 September 07, 2010

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