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5 definitions by TheRubberDucky

Has two definitions:
1. To orgasm, CAN occur in females.
2. Semen
Actually, not every girl likes drinking it. Maybe they should hold it in their mouth and then kiss their partner so it goes in HIS mouth and HE swallows it! Hahahahahahahahahaha!
by TheRubberDucky October 09, 2003
A whore who thinks she is a skater. See "Avril"
Sk8? WTF!
by TheRubberDucky November 06, 2003
1. The theory of the apocalypse.
2. A crappy movie
1. Those people at the Bapti-Dome are ready for Armageddon!
2. Armageddon suck ass!
by TheRubberDucky October 12, 2003
E.V.I.L.- Every Villan Is Lactose-intolerant. We thought that u WAY before Spongebob and Lemons. I am the RubberDucky, the queen of the society!
Go E.V.I.L., Go E.V.I.L., Go, go, go E.V.I.L.!
by TheRubberDucky November 06, 2003
See "Avril"
Randy rox!
by TheRubberDucky November 06, 2003