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A small place near manchester. A lot of places in it are 'rough' and it does have a lot of chavs. But it also has a lot of emos, skaters, goths, and a rather large amount of fakes. (girls who wear lots of fake tan and fake boobs ect, and guys who take steriods and sunbed too much.

There are lots of slags in bolton.

The men there are usualy slags too.

A lot of people in bolton still take bubble. wich is disgusting in itself.

You will se a lot of pregnant 13 year olds. and 12 year olds drinking cider on a park.

On the other hand you do get some really nice people in bolton. Its just the younger lot (16 -) that think theyre bad.

Atley bridge is meant to be the 'hard' part of bolton, but you get some complete idiots from there too.

Daubhill is mainly an asian community.
Farnworth is the worst for fake slags and horrible people. men who like to beat up girls. all stuck up. think theyre better than most. Just dont go there!
Great lever, despite its reputation. isnt bad. a lot of old people here.

Celebrities include . Peter Kay, Vernon Kay, Amir Khan. Laura white (x factor)

(source - i live in bolton)
eg 1.
girl 1: i wanna go clubbing, but were only 16?
girl 2: its okay, we can just go bolton, theyll let anyone in!
girl 1: but we have no money?
girl 2: we will just flash our womanly parts. im sure some pervy old men will buy us drinks!

eg 2.
guy 1: dude, i met this awesome girl online!
guy 2: wheres she from?
guy 1: farnworth. in bolton. shes gorgeous!
guy 2: eurgh, forget it, she will be a slut whos after your money, and totaly fake, if you removed all her makeup/estensions/push up bra, you wont be saying shes gorgeous! try a nice girl from bromley cross!
by TheQuestionableLookingSheep April 14, 2011

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